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  • 薬学部では無い
  • 製薬系の研究する上で最低限の薬理学の知識を身につけたい
  • in vitro assay系の構築について学びたい、一般的なお作法を知りたい

薬がみえる vol.4



Assay Guidance Manual



This eBook is a comprehensive, crucial resource for investigators optimizing assays to evaluate collections of molecules with the overall goal of developing probes that modulate the activity of biological targets, pathways or cellular phenotypes. Such probes might be candidates for further optimization and investigation in drug discovery and development.

Originally written as a guide for therapeutic project teams within a major pharmaceutical company, this manual has been adapted to provide guidelines for scientists in academic, non-profit, government and industrial research laboratories to develop assay formats compatible with High Throughput Screening (HTS) and Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) measurements of new and known molecular entities. Topics addressed in this manual include:

  • Descriptions of assay formats that are compatible with HTS and determination of SAR
  • Selection and development of optimal assay reagents
  • Optimizations and troubleshooting for assay protocols with respect to sensitivity, dynamic range, signal intensity and stability
  • Adaptations of assays for automation and scaling to microtiter plate formats
  • Instrumentation
  • Sources of assay artifacts and interferences
  • Statistical validation of assay performance parameters
  • Secondary assays for chemical probe validation and SAR refinement
  • Data standards for reporting the results of screening and SAR assays
  • In vivo assay development and validation
  • Assay development and validation for siRNA-based high-throughput screens


上述の通り、アカデミアや製薬会社の研究者向けのassay系構築やHTSなどのガイドラインで、非常にわかりやすく細かく書いてあります. 定期的に更新され、内容がアップデートされているので新しい技術を勉強するのにも向いてます.

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日本語でこのレベルのガイダンスマニュアルは無いと思うので、in vitro assay系構築やそれらについて知りたいときは参考にすると良いです. 2020年度はとにかく忙しく気づいたら年度末で焦っているのですが、来年度も引き続き真剣に創薬していきたいですね.